Patterns on Pages Traveler's HOT L Volume 4


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It was “the season” and cruise ships were scattered throughout the coastal waters of northern Europe and Scandinavia. Thelma and Florence were strolling the Lido deck as they waited for their seating time in the Royal Hall for dinner.


“Isn’t this pleasant,” Thelma said.


“Quite. Oh, wait. Do you see that?” Florence pointed to a swell off the port side.


“My, but that’s a bit of a large one, isn’t it?”


Before Florence could respond, the massive Jewel of the Fjords slid down into the trough that preceded the arrival of a tsunami. All three thousand seven hundred and nineteen souls aboard reached for something to hold onto.


Within a minute, the cruise ship rose, flipped, and landed upside down in the icy waters of the North Sea. Fifty-foot-high walls of water washed away coastal cities in northern Europe, the United Kingdom, and Scandinavia. Portions of reinforced military structures were all that remained after the floodwaters receded.


  • What brought about this disaster and world-wide destruction?
  • What will Tempus and Epoch do to try and stop the unraveling of Earth's time fabric?


Answers are coming soon!



I gave myself a week to read this book (a little here, a little there when I had time) and finished it in one day.  It grabs you from page 1 and keeps up the pace the entire length of the book. I have read plenty of fiction in my time but this series (Traveler’s HOT L) is very original. This story stands alone and is easily understandable without the background from the first three books in the series. The characters are likeable and believable. I found myself rooting for all of them. Lincoln and Marin are very genuine in their curiosity to figure out the mystery of the patterns. The story is easy to follow and definitely keeps you wondering what will happen next. I couldn’t put it down and, now that I have finished, I am ready for the next book.


C.R. Downing is known for his talent at describing a scientific concept in a way that anyone can understand. These concepts are woven into the story in a way that you almost don’t even realize you are learning a bit of science along the way. His use of scientific knowledge and creativity bring this story a credibility many novels lack. If you have the time, set aside several hours to read this all at once.  You will be glad you did.

M. Rogers

Stay tuned for even more volumes in the Traveler’s HOT L series.