Reverse Image - A Timeless Tale from The Traveler's HOT L Volume 3

Reverse Image is the third volume in the series: Traveler’s HOT L – The Time Traveler’s Resort.


This tale begins with Art Castillo disappearing while on his morning run two days after his honeymoon. His wife, Kaz, awakens, discovers Art is missing, and contacts the police.


The police find nothing out of the ordinary and suspect Art has a case of cold feet. Kaz refuses to accept that conclusion. She goes on her own hunt for clues and finds an odd medallion.


Even after delivering the medallion, which she considers significant evidence, the police investigation stalls. Months later, Kaz comes across a brochure for Traveler’s HOT L and signs up to use their service.


What Kaz learns from the HOT L proprietors and their Time Synchronizing colleagues convinces her that Art is in danger. Tempus, one of the Time Synchronizers, escorts Kaz back along the time fabric. They discover the opening to an antiparallel dimension. But, their rescue plan fails, and Kaz and Tempus join Art in the rabbit hole.


Directions are reversed in the antiparallel dimension, and the passing of time is impossible to measure. Even wrong seems right.


What happens during almost two months inside the timeless singularity called the rabbit hole, what happens during that same time outside the rabbit hole, and how Kaz, Art, and Tempus are rescued will leave you with a question.


Is the end of Kaz and Art’s ordeal the beginning of an even more significant one?


Stay tuned for more volumes in the Traveler’s HOT L series.


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