Traveler's HOT L - Volume Two New Tales from the Time Traveler's Resort

2nd Edition

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In this all-new collection of stories, Author C. R. Downing provides more exploits of Chronos, Eternity, Tempus, and Epoch as they manipulate the fabric of time and those traveling along that fabric.


Old friends are back. Phil Mamba—solves a crime with assistance from two most unlikely young people. Rose Reynolds—who makes a life-changing decision that impacts many more lives than her own. Henry Langdon—gives his best friend, Aaron, the chance to make a choice they both know should have been made originally.


You'll also meet new HOT L clients. Axel Wheeler –travels to Mars in the future with near-death results; Heather McMurtry and Owen Danielson--travel outside our solar system over 250 years from now together, but with two very different goals. In addition, Chronos provides answers to FAQ's about the HOT L after which Eternity shares the story of Gwendolyn Runsler, who wanted only to see what the world would be like on her 100th birthday.


The 2nd Edition is revised, re-edited, and re-arranged to maximize your time-travel experience.


Traveler's HOT L - Vol 2 is available at the now discounted price through the CreateSpace eStore.

The link is this password (Tempus). Use the password to access the discounted price.

I am not a Sci- Fi reader but this book kept me entertained. If you haven't read the first one- DO IT! It is wonderful. Volume two continues with the hotel "workers" and their new customers. It is fun to see what experiences the people can get themselves into and I love the twists the Author puts in to keep us thinking. When I finish one story, I can't wait for the next, to see what else is going to happen. My daughter just finished Volume One and now can't wait to start this one.

R. Macy