By Cynthia P


Each chapter is unique and highly creative. Characters are well developed. The book flows easily and carries the reader along pleasantly. Can't wait for the sequel!

Time travel isn’t always what these characters are expecting, but it does have a way of fulfilling their hopes and dreams in the  most unlikely ways. This is an enjoyable read indeed.

Michele Karas, poet, playwright

Just finished Traveler's HOT L!! What a great read! Twilight Zone has its sequel!

Kathy S

What a fun, intriguing read! This is a series of vignettes all different, yet all including a stay at the Traveler's HOTL. I loved the stories with all their wonderful twists and turns. I heartily recommend this book, especially for those who love science fiction and fantasy!

Elena McComas

By Egan Bower


One of the most original science fiction books that I have read in a long time.  Traveler's HOTL always keeps me wanting to read on and never stop. I haven't even finished and I can't wait for the next one.

I don't normally read Sci-Fi but I did enjoy this book and it's unique take on time travel. It was an entertaining and quick read and I can pass it down to my teen nephew without fear of an irate call from his mom! Each story is totally different so you are sure to find a story that resonates with you.

Readsforfun @

By Kimber Kahler


You first wonder what happened to the letter "E", but once you begin to read it all makes sense. The first story grabs and keeps your attention as you wonder what will happen next. A great, clean family reading experience.

By Ari Caraway


One of the best books I've read. Each story immerses the reader into a new and engaging plot. With each new story/ chapter it gets harder and harder to put the book down.