Traveler's HOT L

Take a trip through time. Better yet, take EIGHT trips.


Traveler’s HOT L, is filled with stories of time travel by means of one of Earth’s two Harmonic Overlapping Time Location. Each story reveals a unique use of the HOT L.


In the first story, Shaina travels to the Middle Ages to experience life in a Royal Court like she’s read about in her romance novels. Chronos and Eternity,Upon arriving in the past, she discovers that life as a Royal was not always something to be desired. After being Caught in the Middle, a local girl helps Shaina return to the present.


In story number two, Michael Casey O’Brien is recruited by Tempus and Epoch, two Time Synchronizers, to keep his grandmother from dying before she gives birth to his father.  He accomplishes his task so well that, Relatively Speaking, he becomes more O’Brien than either his grandfather or father.


Story three recounts the experience of Mel and Marilyn. Brought together by a counterfeiter’s cache, the couple sells out and prints over $3 million in bogus bills. They break a crucial HOT L rule by sneaking suitcases full of money with them into the past, hoping to evade capture. What they discover is that breaking rules when time traveling is a Million Dollar Mistake with life-long consequences.


In the fourth tale, Tempus and Epoch enlist private detective Phil Mamba to relive a time in his own past. A thread of time has been removed. In the thread that has replaced the original, Elton Bidwell, originally convicted of Cold-Blooded Murder, has evaded conviction and murdered his way high up the political ladder. Mamba re-solves the case, thwarts the plans of the murderer, and restores his memories and his time-line.


Story five finds Eric Fernandez, who lives in the last decades of the 21st century, traveling through time by manipulating his DNA. He takes each DNA Trek without requesting or receiving permission from the Time Keepers. Tempus, Epoch, Chronos, and Eternity wrestle with a conundrum—do they stop Eric from continuing to perfect his travel method? Or will stopping Eric’s research result in the loss of the process entirely? Ultimately, they redirect his return to before he took his most recent trip, reasoning that if he is the one discovered the process originally, he will do it again in the new time-line.


Story six is a tale of righting a wrong. As a young teenager, Brian was obsessed with the movie Space Battle and all the accompanying figurines and paraphernalia. When a science experiment he designs to animate his action figure goes awry, Brian ends up spending years of his life institutionalized when he learns reality is Not Like It was in the Movie. Epoch and Tempus offer him a chance to relive the time before his institutionalization. He uses his ‘do-over’ to the best advantage of all involved.


In story number seven, Aaron desires to travel to a specific event in his past and discover the location of some childhood artifacts that would now be quite valuable. Hidden for safety by Henry Langdon while he and Aaron are Camped Out, the camping trip ended in a humorous disaster, and neither boy ever recovered the hidden items. Aaron succeeds in learning the location, but when he tries to retrieve them finds that Henry has been there before him. All ends well, however, when the two best friends are reunited.


The concluding story describes the experience of Rosie Williams. Upon return from her stint in the military with a partial disability discharge, Rosie became the best video gamer in her town and surrounding area. She walks away from the only game she never mastered and lived a full life in a neighboring town. When her breast cancer returns after years of remission, Rosie travels back, takes on the game, and finds herself trapped in an eternal life or death conflict fighting aliens in the Battle for a Far Planet

Traveler’s Hot L is a smart, well-written collection of stories sure to please readers of all science fiction and mystery genres.

Jeanne C. Stein -  Bestselling Author of the

Anna Strong Vampire Chronicles

It was an amazing book. The cover caught my eye but the writing on the inside is what kept my attention and captured my heart.

Heidi Bailey

Cover by Reed Steiner

(c) 2013


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If someone were to ask me if I were a science fiction/fantasy fan, I would typically reply with “not really,” or “it’s ok.”  However, today I had the pleasure of reading C.R. Downing’s Traveler’s Hot L, and discovered that I am a sci-fi fan after all!


This novel is a compilation of 8 chapters (short stories) centering around the Traveler’s Hot L and the concept of time travel. Each of the stories is different, and contains characters travelling through time for very different reasons.  The characters common to all of the stories are Chronos and Eternity, who manage/own the Hot L, and prepare the travelers prior to departure and assist them upon return.  Other common characters to all of the stories are Enoch, Tempus, and a man in the mist, who basically work at ensuring that there are no wrinkles in time, and also provide opportunities, or quests, for people to visit other time periods to correct various issues.


I received a free copy of this book in exchange for a free and honest review, and now I'll absolutely have to read the next one in the series. This is an extraordinarily imaginative book. I liked the idea of a hotel where time travel was the unique selling point, and the individual stories don't disappoint. The characters are thoroughly believable, and remarkably well delineated, particularly considering the speed of the plots. There are echos of Stephen King in one of them, and Mark Twain in another. I'm not a fan of the short story genre, because I always want a good story to last a long time, but the implication that some of these characters will show up again in future books reconciled me to them. I've become a fan, and as soon as I can afford it, I'll buy and read the rest of them.

Liz Harding

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