Traveler's HOT L - The Series

Traveler's HOT L - The Time Traveler's Resort debuted in 2014.
It is the  USA Best Book Award winner in Science Fiction for that year.


Successive volumes reprise the main characters, Chronos, Eternity, Tempus, Epoch, and Pater. Each story, whether a short story in Volumes 1 and 2, or a novella, Volumes 3 and 4 explores new times and places with a new supporting cast.

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Traveler's HOT L The Time Traveler's Resort The award winning book that started it all! Traveler's HOT L Volume 2 New Tales from the Time Traveler's Resort

I'll absolutely have to read the next one in the series. This is an extraordinarily imaginative book... the individual stories don't disappoint. The characters are thoroughly believable, and remarkably well delineated, particularly considering the speed of the plots. There are echos of Stephen King in one of them, and Mark Twain in another. I'm not a fan of the short story genre, because I always want a good story to last a long time, but the implication that some of these characters will show up again in future books reconciled me to them. I've become a fan.

Liz Harding

Volume two continues- stories of time travel and adventure. Well written and very entertaining, hard to put down once started. Volume two's stories are a bit longer and more in depth, and a few characters return for new adventures. I definitely recommend and look forward to more!

Cynthia P

Reverse Image Volume 3 A Timeless Tale Patterns on Pages Volume 4 Secrets of the Sequenced Symbols

Time travel is fascinating. But what if it sends you to a dimension that doesn't run like you are used to or expect? Could you figure out how to maneuver? Would you know how to survive? Escape? This is your chance to see the possibilities and experience the adventure. A tale that takes you where the world is not the "usual routine " but the ride is unusually worth it!

Cora J.

eBook Coming in October!

I gave myself a week to read this book (a little here, a little there when I had time) and finished it in one day.  It grabs you from page 1 and keeps up the pace the entire length of the book. I have read plenty of fiction in my time but this series (Traveler’s HOT L) is very original. Lincoln and Marin are very genuine in their curiosity to figure out the mystery of the patterns.  I couldn’t put it down and, now that I have finished, I am ready for the next book.

M. Rogers