C. R. Downing
"It's the Sci-Fi You Gotta Try" J. Randolph

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Science Fiction

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In Process

A Story of Alien Intrigue.


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 To follow the Author on Twitter @CRDowingAuthor, click here. Science Fiction Titles Traveler's HOT L - The Time Traveler's Resort Published by Koehler Books Traveler's HOT L Volume Two 2nd Ed. - New Tales from the Time Traveler's Resort Published by Time After Time Publishing Reverse Image - A Timeless Tale Traveler's HOT L Vol. 3 Patterns on Pages Traveler's HOT L Vol. 4 The Observers - A Science Fiction Odyssey Published by Koehler Books INSECTICIDE - A Science Fiction Thriller Published by Clurn Press Freedom's Just A Word A Story of Alien Intrigue Mystery Titles The Mixer Murder - And Other Detective Case Files from Mamba Mysteries Press Betrayal in Blue from CRD Press Humor Titles Sir Isaac's Car - And Other Tales of Daring and Disaster from CRD Press Non-Fiction Titles NICU - An Insider's Guide. Tune Up Your Teaching & Turn On Student Learning! Published by Morgan James, Publishing A book for teachers, parents, and administrators Purchase your copy/copies at or at A Science Guy's... This series of non-fiction books includes Idea Farming, Book Creation, and... Visit My Author's Page at

I am a Teller of Tales. In a society where oral tradition dominated, I would be a Keeper of the History. My ability to spin a yarn worked to my advantage for over thirty-nine years in high school and college classrooms where I was able to “do five shows a day” as a nationally recognized teacher and professor.


Since I retired from full time teaching in June of 2012, two of my top priorities have been my granddaughters, Hadley Marie and Harper Ann Downing, and my writing.


I am a Christian and a Life Group Leader at Mission Church of the Nazarene in San Diego, California.

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