C. R. Downing
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Volumes 1 and 2 of the Time Traveler's Resort Series

Each volume is a collection of short stories involving the Harmonic Overlap of Time Location. Travel to medieval Europe. Make first contact with an alien species in the future. Escape from the alien Volonian Empire by winning a video game. These are just three of the fourteen trips you take along Earth's fabric of time.  Along the way, you'll discover why the first Traveler's HOT L is an award winner.


You also  learn why the "E" is missing!

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Mamba Mysteries

Other Fiction


I am a Teller of Tales. In a society where oral tradition dominated, I would be a Keeper of the History. My ability to spin a yarn worked to my advantage for over thirty-nine years in high school and college classrooms where I was able to “do five shows a day” as a nationally recognized teacher and professor.


Since I retired from full time teaching in June of 2012, two of my top priorities have been my granddaughters, Hadley Marie and Harper Ann Downing, and my writing.


I am a Christian and a Life Group Leader at Mission Church of the Nazarene in San Diego, California.


Insecticide - A Science Fiction Thriller

"I am so glad I picked this one up. I am so glad INSECTICIDE opened my eyes to science fiction thrillers and mystery. INSECTICIDE pulled me into an entire genre I was missing out on. I only hope that this well crafted novel doesn’t spoil me and put all the other stories in it’s genre to shame for me."

Aubrey Meeks

The Observers - A Science Fiction Odyssey

"The Observers chronicles four missions of Supervisor Mxpan and his subordinate, Zerpall, two Observers from the planet Gliese. "Downing delivers witty punch-lines and well-paced gags that carry the reader through an often drawn-out experience. The banter between Mxpan and Zerpall is delightful and Zerpall’s child-like innocence is often laugh-out-loud material."

Nebula Books


Volumes 3 and 4 of the Time Traveler's Resort Series

These volumes are stand alone stories.

Reverse Image  - A Timeless Tale

"Time travel is fascinating. But what if it sends you to a dimension that doesn't run like you are used to or expect? Could you figure out how to maneuver? Would you know how to survive? Escape? This is your chance to see the possibilities and experience the adventure. A tale that takes you where the world is not the "usual routine " but the ride is unusually worth it!"

Cora. J.

Patterns on Pages

An easy full 5 stars!

"[It] has an original and brilliant angle when it comes to putting people from different times and cultures together. It’s executed perfectly and written with an incredible insight into human behaviour and society."

Paul Wandason - see the full reviwe at

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My blog, "A Day in the Life of a Science Fiction Writer," is a mix of information, reflection, spiritual renewal, and humor.


I use Hootsuite to schedule      Twitter                                                         Facebook



and  LinkedIn                                          a minimum of 11 posts every week, usually more.


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What Goes Around . . .  - A Saga of Alien Greed, Heroism, and Sacrifice

Something about the aliens who've landed on the insignificant planet, Deloqk sounds too good to be true to Captain Gnarnell. She sets out to uncover what she's sure is subterfuge. What happens to Gnarnell, her troops, and her planet will keep you speculating and turning pages until the end. One of 20 "Worlds Unimagined."


Sci-Fi High - Live the curriculum!

I love this book! I especially love that it was a group project by an inspired teacher! More! More! More!



In Process

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The Mixer Murder - And Other Detective Case Files

Do not pick up this book.....unless you want to be challenged, and entertained!! Phil Mamba is the best book detective since the Spade, Wolfe, Marlowe days. The stories grab your interest and keep you guessing as "Dancer" Mamba wends his way through the clues (sorry Dancer) er, evidence. There are criminals to be caught and former police detective, Philip Mamba, is out to get them. Great stories and characters to love and hate. Don't miss the fun.

Cody Jelsovsky

Betrayal in Blue

"Combining well-developed, unforgettable characters – Mamba chief among them – and a thoroughly researched, meticulously crafted tale, Betrayal in Blue is both informative and entertaining, which adds to its page-turning appeal.

Apex Reviews


Biblical Fiction

One man's search for the Savior

In Process

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Sir Isaac's Car - And other tales of daring and disaster

"Prepare to follow these guys on the kind of escapades that a lot of us went on at their age (although we didn’t always admit to it). C. R. Downing takes a break from the mysteries & sci-fi that he’s written to put together a down to earth batch of tales that can’t help but make you smile. I enjoyed reading these as an adult, but they’d be appropriate for younger ages too! Hoping for more adventures to come!"


Who Leads the Shepherd?- One man's search for the Savior

Follow Jeremiah, Chief Shepherd of the Bethlehem shepherds on his  search for the Savior.


 NICU - An Insider's Guide

The author does a great job of taking what is scary & foreign for families & puts it into words that make sense & reassure them that what they are experiencing & feeling is normal. As a NICU nurse, I feel this is a great resource for families with infants in the NICU.

Melissa Adamo, NICU Nurse


Tune Up Your Teaching & Turn On Student Learning!

"I am so lucky to have read this book before I got my long term substitute job. I read it after my student teaching experience and wish I would have had it before I started. When I am teaching, and the student is not understanding, I am tempted to just do it for them so they can see how to do it. But this book taught me that the students actually WANT and NEED to struggle and have a challenge in order to appreciate what they have learned. This book creates a unique metaphor for teaching and students learning that allowed me to understand why the students would want to figure things out on their own and why we should let them. There are so many useful tips in the book that I can't wait to apply to my own classroom! It is a fun, easy read that leaves you with many ideas to try!"

Vanessa Winkler

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Idea Farming

"I'm a farmer. This book really opened my eyes to the craft of writing and ideas. Good read."

christina deckard


 Book Creation

"If you are looking for help setting up your book to sell on Amazon--this is the book to buy! C. R. Downing goes over charts, key words and amazon classifications to help you sell more books! Easy to read and follow!"

Sherry Frazier